We carry out translations of Swedish texts into a foreign language or a foreign language to Swedish. In translation, we adapt the message to the audience, that is, we choose forms of address and the like so that you use in the respective culture.


We help you with the direct communication in a conversation where both parties do not speak the same language. The interpreter is present and communicate verbally what the other party says.


You can submit a text in Swedish or another language for the correction.


We tailor the teaching of different languages ​​as you like, with a general or special purpose (eg business language). We also offer tuition in Swedish as a second language. There may be individual instruction or group instruction. You can also receive instruction in business, presentation skills etc.

Cultural Consultancy

We provide various services to help you meet an alien culture, or to do business with another country. Examples of services are lectures, assistance at trade fair visits, assistance in negotiations and contract writing, design of marketing materials, guides and travel arrangements.

We also offer advice, accounting management, brokerage services, assistance in company registration, contact with lawyers, immigration office, various entities within the EU and more.